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*This review was originally posted to my blog, {Books She Reads}. Portions of this review have been modified. When Breath Becomes Air starts with Paul Kalanithi viewing his own x-rays, revealing cancer that had taken residence in his body. It is clear on the very first page where this journey will end, but it is the journey itself that makes this book so inspiring. Kalanithi took me through the journey of his diagnosis, treatment, and acceptance of death. Along the way I found him to be incredibly brave. As a doctor, he knew the story being told by every x-ray and MRI he saw. A man who has spent his entire adult life striving to delay death came face to face with the inescapable reality of his own mortality. The more that I read, the more that I respected Paul Kalanithi. I was surprised by the amount of empathy that Kalanithi had as a doctor for his patients and the amount of respect he had for the mind and body. He would go above and beyond what was necessary to ensure he was making a positive difference in the lives that he touched. He understood, better than most doctors that I have met, the importance of truly listening to his patients and at taking a second look. Mr. Kalanithi reminds me that we never know what the future holds, we never know when our time on earth will end. We can plan, we can work as hard as possible, but nothing is guaranteed to us. When Breathe Becomes Air reinforces the importance of living in the moment we are in. Have goals, have dreams, make plans, but never forget that it can all be taken away at any moment. So while we plan and chase our dreams, we must not forget about the moment we are in. We must not take for granted the gift of today. Experiencing such a life-changing, out of control event is something one can never truly be prepared for. While Kalanithi had a head start in understanding the changes of his cancer, there was still a great deal to know and understand beyond that of a medical diagnosis and treatment plan. Kalanithi embraced his final journey, as well as anyone, could be expected to, he strived to maintain an open-minded, honest, and positive approach to the most terrifying and irreversible event of his life. His journey is one of the most inspiring stories I have ever had the pleasure to read. His courage and persistence to live life to his fullest potential while his body quickly died is a courage that all of us should strive to have more of in our own lives, in this very moment. These eight words put me into an emotional frenzy. Why do such horrible events happen to amazing individuals who have a passion for life and helping others? Please, don’t do this to him, to his wife, to his family. Let him stay. Let there be a miracle. I knew there was no miracle, I knew exactly the direction that this story was headed. It also didn’t matter. I was completely hooked on every word that Paul Kalanithi had to say. I was committed to following his heartbreaking journey all the way to the end. “Human knowledge is never contained in one person. It grows from the relationships we create between each other and the world, and still it is never complete.” -Paul Kalanithi I love this quote. I want this reminder to collaborate and listen to others printed and hung on my wall. I want my three girls to understand the value of their knowledge and experience and to value the knowledge and experience of others. I want them to seek out books like When Breath Becomes Air. A book of death, hope, and living. A book that will dive deep into your soul and make you cry, but also leaves you with a new found appreciation for life. Kalanithi’s perseverance and bravery are heroically inspiring. I hope I will have the ability to be as brave as he was if I ever come to battle with my mortality as he did.


One of the best books I have ever read. Compelling perspective of mortality from someone who dealt with much of it. Highly recommend to all.


I initially came across this book through a forum, about pre-med. Terminology I couldn’t understand. But written in a way I can comprehend. The book talks about patients, treatments, medicine. But really, the book is about morality and love. The ending does not develop until you’ve passed the halfway point of the book, maybe later, but it hits you like a truck. I couldn’t stop reading it, it’s just breathtaking and eye opening, the love between Paul and his wife and fighting through hell. 10/10 would recommend, read it all the way through. Your won’t regret it.


Finished it on my flight. Def had the sniffles reading it. A great read. Avoid crying on the plane if you can. Hold back the tears.


I have read this book five times. One of my top three favorite books. Touching, thought provoking and beautiful. In hoping to help a few thousand during his lifetime he has reached millions in his death. His words are woven into a lovely tapestry of what it means to live fully while dying. This book should be required reading for all medical professionals.

oceans tides

I never knew you could be overwhelmed by both a persons life and a book at the same time - they became one in the same. There are no words or comments I can adequately write to express how completely consuming this book is. Tonight, I will start to read it all over again.

Reba and Zoey

An amazing, emotional, inspirational read. I am glad I came across this book. Definitely one of the best books I have read so far. A must read. Highly recommend.


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