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By: John Grisham
Relase Date: 2018-10-23
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,

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I believe I have read every Grisham book! I normally love Grisham but this book was disappointing! The book leaves you hanging! Now what? Grisham can do lot’s better! Rooster Bar blows this always!


I have been dissapointed in Mr. Grisham’s books of late. Although this one redeemed him. A truly gripping story.. Very sad what can happen to a very unique family. And I found the ending a true surprise.

John Grisham fan

I really liked this book. It appears that reviewers are disappointed that there is no moral victory, the hero is, in the end, just an ordinary man born in the 1920s. It’s a tragedy about a complicated man with an all-too-human wife during WWII era in rural Mississippi. All humans make mistakes and do regrettable things—sometimes with grave consequences. This particular story doesn’t really give us a moral victory and that is unexpected from the usual Grisham novel. I recommend it. BTW, the story of WWII Bataan, Philippines is a rarely told story and worth the price of the book


This book holds you from the beginning to the end. Had really no clue how the story would. Grisham is a wonderful story teller. Thanks again. Lying never works.


I have enjoyed all of Mr Grisham’s book up until this one. I skipped several chapters just to be able to make it to the end. Very disappointed.


This was a very poor, tedious, depressing and also odd book for Grisham. Do not recommend you take the time to read this.


JG himself claims to have stolen the idea for the story from folkloric beginnings. I just kept thinking that because the main character gave so little of himself in the story, the war filled us in on what made this man tick. It also filled pages of what was a rather simple, tragic error that could have been told in far less volume. The story is tragic, one man’s erroneous act wipes out his entire family’s inheritance. Worse it leaves the children confused and unable to connect with their father OR mother over this event. Basically he destroyed his family and at the end my question was still WHY???

The Pilot's Daughter