Engaged to the EMT by Piper Rayne PDF Download

By: Piper Rayne
Relase Date: 2018-12-06
Genre: Romantic Comedy, Romance

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Luca Bianca is the baby of the Bianca family. He has had an antagonist relationship with Lauren Hunt since High School when she dated his best friend. Ten years later, they still go after each other. When Lucas mother is going in for heart surgery, he convinces Lauren to become his fake fiancé so that his mother won’t have to worry about him. Of course, their antagonism becomes friendship, then more. This is a fun end to this series.


What a conclusion to the Blue Collar Brothers series.
We have seen the sparring between Lauren and Luca in the previous books in the series and now we get them on the main stage.
Circumstances have thrown Lauren and Luca to come up with a plan to a fake engagement.
The chemistry between these two is fantastic!
Lauren is a take no prisoners lady.  You see her family life and how she struggled to become who she is today and it's amazing!
Luca is the youngest Bianco brother, he is the loose cannon, the playboy.  But is he really? He has met his match in Lauren
Soon their acting skills become so good that they feel real emotions for each other.  But does it come to late?
You see past characters and a new one! You get the famous Piper Rayne humor and smexiness! You get everything you love in a Piper Rayne story!
Well done ladies!! Cannot wait for your next series, I know they are going to be amazing!

Chloe Triv